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what temp and how long do you cook bacon in the oven

I'd like to cook bacon in the oven but lost the information on how long and at what temperature.
asked Oct 27, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

Not sure if this is the one that you want.............preheat oven to 400...use metal tray & line it with aluminus foil with the edges up....to keep the grease in........this is for the thick bacon, add the bacon and seperate them don't let them touch each other.  Put in the middle of the oven.  Check them in 15 to 18 minutes...thin bacon takes less time.....carefully take out and drain on paper towels and pat the tops with several pieces of papertowels...........this will be crispy and very tasty.
answered Mar 16, 2015 by josie (51,120 points)
I cook it at 400 deg for about 20 minutes.  I put a rack into a cookie sheet & lay the bacon on it.  Sometimes it takes a little longer, but it really depends on how you like your bacon.
answered May 3, 2015 by anonymous

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