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what food can an ulcer patient eat

what food eating in ulcer patient
asked Oct 18, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

may be u mean what food to eat to patient with ulcer. firstly the patient should observe right schedule of eating am, noon, and pm. He should eat only little food and better also frequent small meals in between main meals. He should avoid caffiene rich foods like coffee, soda, energy drinks and tea. He should stop smoking. Stop drinking milk, yogurt is good. Crackers and biscuits are good too. A little of juice only as it is acidic. hope u find it ok. Get well.
answered Oct 18, 2013 by anonymous
You also should ask your doctor for a list of foods that are good for ulcer patients that will include a lot of other foods to avoid.  Good luck with your new way of eating.
answered Nov 16, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)