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how to pick and make horseradish?

I grew horshradish how do I prepare it for storage and use?
asked Oct 3, 2013 by John

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2 Answers

Wash and peel the roots carefully to remove all dirt.  Grate; a food processor works well for this.  Pack into jars and cover with half vinegar and half water.  Chill.
answered Oct 3, 2013 by Jacquie (160 points)
You can try by washing horseradish in wash water and a veggie brush to remove dirt.  I used a veggie peeler to get off the outter skin.  I put some vinegar & salt in the blender and use a fan on the outside porch to blow the smell away from me.  It is very strong.  You can sterilize ball pints jars and can it.  Lots of recipes on the web.  One say that you can freeze it.  Some make it creamy....some add beet juice................lots of choices.  Good luck with your horseradish.
answered Dec 19, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)

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