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Is it safe to store cooked chicken touching vegetables in food prep?

I've seen lots of food prepping videos on Youtube and it knid of scares me that they just throw everything into one container touching their Chicken and store it in the fridge for the week.  My Mom did that with Turkey and Dressing one Thanksgiving and Dad got Food Poisoning.  Am I missing something or just being paranoid.  I've been cooking for almost 30 years and I thought I knew what I was doing.  Just wondering if I've been too careful all this time?
asked Sep 6, 2014 by Elliemae

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1 Answer

The safety rule for storing food in fridge is 3 days or freeze into small portions.  RAW chicken is the problem............rinse it cut it on the board.....................scrub everything that the chicken touched raw with hot water & soap and wash you hands well. Scrub out the sink & wash it also.  Once it is cooked we do seperate it from veggies.........it does not have to be..........it's cooked................I just don't like all the veggies that hubby does..............
answered Sep 7, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)
that's why stuffing should NOT be cooked in the turkey cavity.

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