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How long do i need to soak pinto beans?

I'm trying to cook pinto beans with smoked sausage for the first time southernstyle for supper.  I just need to know how long do i need to soak the pinto beans for? Cause someone told me that i have to soak pinto beans.
asked Aug 28, 2014 by Karen Kurth

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1 Answer

You have to check the beans first, make sure no stones in them, then soak them in a water overnight or they will be hard & longer cooking.  After you check the beans put them in a big pot on the stove...no heat......add water to 2 inches from the top and SOAK overnight..............rinse the beans the next morning and put fresh water and soak again until it is time to cook them..........change water again, put fresh water again and cook.  You might want to cook the first part of the sausage in water to get the grease out poking it and cooking it half way, brown it...I press them in paper towels to get the grease out......and put it in the beans to finish.........if you like onions you can put them in chopped with the beans..............the sausage might finish first.........then take it out and finish the beans..........taste one to see if they are done.................then put the meat back in to warm it.  Then let everyone salt on their own....pepper to taste.
answered Aug 28, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)

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