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how do I freeze frosted cookies

I make Christmas cookies ahead and freeze them.  I'd like to frost or glaze them, then freeze them, then distribute them to trays for handing to friends.  So my question is how can I freeze frosted cookies? or what would be a good recipe for the kind of frosting that would freeze on the cookies well?  Thanks for any advice.
asked Sep 28, 2013 by Merrily

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1 Answer

Frosting does not hold up well in the freezer, some become brittle and falls off.....can you freeze the cookies and when you take them out frost them after they defrosted.  You could try parchment paper but I don't know if that will work for you. You could do thumbprint cookies.  They have jam in the depression and they freeze well.
answered Sep 29, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)

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