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Which foods or vegetables contain vitamin d3 the most?

My question:

I want to know, which foods or vegetables contain vitamin d3 the most for people above 39 years.
asked Aug 7, 2014 by Dua Asif

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2 Answers

Very few foods naturally supply vitamin D3. Beef liver, cheese, egg yolks and fatty fish, which contain small amounts of D3, are the best dietary sources, so choose recipes that contain these. Cod liver oil provides a vigorous amount of D3, but I for one cannot get it down. (Nasty stuff)                                                 Non-organic milk, and orange juice contain vitamin D, but it's up to the manufacturers whether or not they want to add it to the product. Want a SUPER dose of D3?  Go out and lay in the sun for 6-10 minutes per day, depending on your UV tolerance. Never more than that as skin cancer has been on the rise for decades now. The human body is virtually unable to convert nutrients into vitamin D3 without exposure to natural sunlight. It's a big concern for those confined to hospital beds for long periods of time. Hope that helps.

 Donna Kay,                                                                                                                                                      Dietician/Nutrition Counselor                                                                                                                                                San Diego, Calif

answered Aug 7, 2014 by anonymous
The body produces D3...............you need to talk with your MD about which foods are best for you.  You can take a supplement D-3...........2000 IU 1 a day with meals...............but you have to get the okay from the MD................fish & dairy products supply vitamin D.............when your body is in a little early or late sun maybe 3 to 5 minutes...........the body produces D3.......................you can't fill the body up like you would a jug with water that would severly effect the liver..........this has to be a gradually daily intake.
answered Aug 8, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)

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