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does a thermowave cook the same as a normal oven.?

I have never owned a thermowave before the one I now have, bought for me by my husband, it under-cooks everything, an electrician says the oven is fine, I have never used the fan, though, do I have to use the fan, to get a proper result in my baking,? this is so frustating, all my baking is such a flop, I have always loved baking, I baked in a wood burner for 11years, never failed, even a conventional oven, never fail,  thermowave oven? all baking is a failure, I can't aford to buy another stove... please help, your sudjestions will be much appreciated.
asked Jun 23, 2014 by ladyhawk (120 points)

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1 Answer

The fan circulates the heat..............try making mac & cheese with the fan on.............I would be calling the MFG if this does not work right.
answered Jun 23, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)
I would call where your husband bought it and ask for a cook book...........look on line.............it says to use the fan..........cooks are a low number with even temps using the fan.  You have to do it using their recipes until you get used to it.

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