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Where should I put my racks in my oven?

I recently cleaned out my oven and I don't remember exactly where I had my racks. Is there a better spot for them to be placed?  Near the bottom, top-in the center?
asked Sep 10, 2013 by daisydo

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2 Answers

I do most of our cooking in the center of the oven................sometimes doing a turkey, I have to take one rack out to have enough room......
answered Sep 10, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)
Most baking is done with the rack in the middle so the heat is even all around the dish.  If you put the rack high it will cause the top to cook faster and if you put the rack low it will cause the bottom to cook faster.  Usually it is desirable to have the entire food bake evenly.
answered Sep 11, 2013 by nan (1,300 points)

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