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does anyone have recipes using stevia

i want recipes using stevia instead of sugar
asked Apr 25, 2014 by natalie (120 points)

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2 Answers

I have the packets that we carry when we go out with Stevia..............I have to use 2 in my ice tea...........if I used splenda I would use one.  I just asked my friend if she had any recipes using that and she & I both use splenda in baking................if it says 1 cup sugar we use 1/2 cup splenda or it is too sweet.  Any sugar supstitute that you use when something is baked, when it cools off use a freezer bag and put into the fridge or it will get moldy in 3 days.  We usually cut it and freeze it in a heavy duty freezer back........get the air out and mark & date & put back into freezer and just take out what you want and nuke for 30 seconds.
answered Apr 25, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)

I've usually used a 1 to 1 exchange with Splenda, (in the big bags, not the little packets). I have used a book called "1001 low carb recipes" by Dana Carpender on my low carb diet. I bought it on Amazon, used. She also has one with 500 recipes, though I prefer the 1001 book myself. I have tried Stevia in some of them but it seems to change the flavor in a negative way to my tastes. Personally I don't care for the flavor of any of the fake sweetners when there's no other food flavors involved. I've used them in mixes and they sometimes work ok. It depends on the recipe but I use 3 to 4 drops per teaspoon when I use Stevia. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my sweet tooth.There's a big argument still going around about all of the "fake" sweeteners. The controversy seems to say that they really don't fake the body into believing that it's not sugar. It still may cause one to be more hungry. Though there are supposed to be tests that sugest that there is no raised sugar levels when using some of them. I know this isn't a straight forward answer to your question, but i hope it helps.

answered May 4, 2014 by Robert B
I did not know that they had a liquid for Stevia.  I am a diabetic and sugar makes my blood sugar rise fast.  Splenda does not.

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