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Place desired number of eggs that have been in your fridge one week if possible in thick bottom pot so that they fit in one layer loosely; do not crowd or stack. Add room temp water to cover to 1" above shell. Let sit until eggs are approximately room temp. Place on medium high heat stove and cook until water comes to a full boil, and cook for 1 minute. Remove pan from heat, cover and let rest for 11:11 (approximate timing).  Pour off cooking water, replace pan lid, and carefully shake pan to crack hot eggs well. Immediately cover with cold water and lots of ice; let stand 2-3 minutes minimum then peel under water starting with big end of egg.  Store eggs in airtight non-metallic container in fridge, or use in your favorite recipe. Makes gtreat NYTIMES DEVILED EGGS while yolks are warm.  Use shells in your garden but don't put into your garbage disposal!.

asked Sep 24, 2013 by MotherSquid (140 points)
edited Sep 24, 2013 by MotherSquid

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1 Answer

Put one layer of eggs in a pan and cover the eggs with salted water with a 1/8 cup of white vinegar .The water should be about 1 inch over the eggs . The vinegar will stop the eggs from cracking .

Bring to a boil and cook for one minute .

Lower the temp to simmer and cook for one more minute

Take the pan off of the burner and put a  cover on the pot and  let stand for 12 minutes .

Then run water into the pan to cool down the eggs . Take the eggs and peel them  .Take one egg and cut it in half .

You should see a perfect yellow center with no green ring around the yellow .
answered Jul 3, 2014 by wnight1 (800 points)

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