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How long do I reheat cooked chicken for in an oven

I roasted chicken and had left overs and now want to freeze, but need to know how long to reheat for once defrosted and what oven temperature to write on the instructions for my partner
asked Mar 24, 2014 by Christine Davies

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1 Answer

You should cut it down in portions use VAC PAC or freeze it in heavy duty freezer bags.  If you decide the night before that you want that for lunch just put whatever portion you want in the fridge to let to totally defrost.  You can heat it on the stove with gravy or in the microwave in a small glass bowl with gravy, I used a glass saucer and just reheat or press 1 and see if it is warm enough.  Remember it will be very hot.  So use an oven mitt as you also can get a steam burn.
answered Mar 25, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)
when using the microwave, I just reheat it when it is defrosted  1 to 2 minutes and check if it needs more.

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