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What are the foods which is low in sodium and reminded for patient with kidney stones

My boss was diagnosed past week with kidney stones and was just discharged from a hospital last Sunday..she undergone shockwave to remove the bigger stone in her kidney..and now that she was out in the hospital I'm thinking of foods that can give her safely without increasing the risk that her kidney stones might form again
asked Feb 24, 2014 by Allen

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1 Answer

Kidney stones are extremely painful and are formed by calcium, oxalate or phospharus.  Kidney stones are also formed when this is in high concentration and someone is not drinking enough water.Some Medications can cause this and other factors that we dont know about can cause this.  Hopefully the hospital analysed the stones.  If she was told to reduced sodium it could be a calcium stone.  If that is what it is she needs to reduce animal protein,meat, eggs & fish.  Use a calcium suppliment & calcium food,avoid spinach, rhubarb, nuts & wheat bran.  She really needs a complete list from her MD.  Water is the biggest flusher of stones.  That is what I was told to do.  I wa told to drink 50o z of water a day.  This is not a complete list.  I hope that she is feeling better and continues to do well.
answered Feb 27, 2014 by josie
I should mention that fresh and some frozen veggies & fruit has the least of salt.  Avoid canned food, fish fried foods, breaded foods preseasoned meats, cheese and condiments that contain salt.  Read labels carefully, anthing with sodium anything has salt.

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