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can i freeze it

got at least 4lbs of shredded mild cheeder cheese
asked Feb 16, 2014 by penneylstowe (120 points)

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2 Answers

I would break it down into 4 or 8 oz serving size.......and vac pac it............if you don't have that use a heav duty freezer bag and get the air out and put the little bags into a big heavy duty freezer bag...........get the air out of that also..........defrost in the fridge.
answered Feb 16, 2014 by josie
Yes, the cornstarch in the boughten shreaded cheese keeps it from sticking together. When thawing out if not wanting it frozen to melt on top of something just thaw out in frig. If four pounds fresh shreaded cheese put in bag dust with cornstarch shake off extra and freeze or just leave block cheese whole to freeze.
answered Feb 18, 2014 by SuperMom

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