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Can I refreeze thawed meat safely?

Cut up some thawed meat and used some of it.  Refroze the rest.
asked Jan 23, 2014 by PWH3

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1 Answer

The safest way is to cook it..............then refreeze it...........................
answered Jan 23, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)
I also need to say that once you have cooked it.......break it down into serving sizes and vac-pac or use heavy duty zip-loc bags get the air out and mark, date and freeze and use it as soon as possible..  Freezing  does not kill bacteria, only cooking kills bacteria.
actually you can refreeze meat as long as it has stayed cold. The only thing that will happen is you will lose quality. This is information from a Food microbiologist. If the meat has warmed up it is best to cook it first. However, if it has defrosted and stayed cold for up to 18 hours you can re-freeze safely.

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