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Kako kupiti klima uređaj

klime podgorica

Klimatizacija je sada uobičajena u mjestima rada i prodajnim mjestima, ali koliko često želite da imate vazdušne veze u vašoj kući?

U zimskim zonama može biti teško zamisliti potrebu za klimatizacijom. Međutim, na vrhuncu leta, sjajna, zamućena kuća može biti vrlo neugodna. Hlađenje u vašu imovinu bi trebalo da vam pokaže kako da dobijete veći noćni spust kada je površinska temperatura visoka.

Ako želite da ohladite privatni dom, međutim ne želite ni jednu stvar moćan kao klima uređaj, vredi razmisliti o dobrom ventilatoru ili hladnom vazduhu. Međutim, ako ste kupili svoje srce postavljeno u vazduh, a zatim saznajte - naše informacije će vam pomoći da izaberete savršeni klima uređaj za svoj dom.

Which type of air conditioner should I buy?

There are two predominant forms of air conditioner: single-unit fashions which can be portable and need to be vented via a window or door, and split-unit models which might be permanently fastened to a wall.

Single-unit air conditioners

Split-unit air conditioners



What size air conditioner do I want?

Air conditioners are available in various sizes and styles, however are sometimes described when it comes to their BTU (British thermal unit) output. In theory, the upper the BTU claimed, the more effectively it might probably cool a room.

In our lab tests we discovered that few air conditioners met the BTU claimed on the packaging, so we wouldn’t recommend you depend on those claims to make your purchase.

If a machine has a higher cooling capability, it ought to cool quickly. But, as a general rule, 5,000 to eight,000 BTUs is adequate for most living rooms or bedrooms.

Tthis is a calculation you should utilize to work out what BTU is best for you. As a tough guide, multiply the dimensions (in feet) of the room to be cooled by five. So for a 20 x 15 x 12-foot room: 20 x 15 x 12 x 5 = an air conditioner of 18,000 BTUs.

What extra options ought to I look out for?

Sleep or night time modes reduce noise by running the compressor and fan extra slowly.

Timer options assist you to set the machine to robotically swap on and off - helpful in order for you to come home to a cool home or save power by having the unit swap off once you’ve fallen asleep. Decide a model with a clock and 24-hour setting. Some include solely countdown or delay timers; these need to be reset every day.

Remote controls let you adjust settings without moving out of your seat, however are simple to lose. Search for a machine with a dock to retailer the remote if you're liable to gremlins hiding your things.

Wsick I be able to maintain it?

These important duties will keep your air conditioner in good condition:

Does Which? test air conditioners?

We no longer test air conditioners. Our relatively mild UK local weather means demand is pretty low, so it's not worthwhile for us to pay the high prices associated with testing these appliances.

For your reference, we have listed older Best Purchase air conditioners from our previous exams, which finished in 2011, under. Most of those products are now not obtainable, but we offer the knowledge to provide you with an concept of the manufacturers and options which have traditionally been price looking out for.

Only logged-during which? members can view the total leads to our table under. If you're not but a member, you'll be able to attempt Which? for £1 and get prompt access.

Napomene u tabeli: Ovi klima uređaji su ispitivani u 2008. godini i više se ne mogu dobiti. Svaki maneken je ocenjen na kapacitet hlađenja, efektivnost vitalnosti, osušenost, buka i kontrole. Ne proveravamo klima uređaje.

asked Jan 11 by DebraCrandal (540 points)

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