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DIY: Vaš klima uređaj za prozor Verovatno nije snimljen!

What should I use to Clean My AC Drain Line? - YouTubeYou’ve pulled the previous window air conditioner unit out of basement storage and put in it in your window, solely to comprehend - simply as the first really hot days of summer hit - that the unit’s basically simply blowing hot air.
Nicely, you’ve had the thing for a whole lot of years, and maybe it’s seen higher days. Time to go air-conditioner shopping, proper? Nicely … maybe.

Start with the fundamentals. And as ordinary, the fundamentals mean cleaning.
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Air Conditioning, Cooling, VentilationHere at PDIY, we go on and on about how a clean equipment is a contented equipment. However dirt is the special enemy of window air conditioners, and if you’re anything like us, you may not totally appreciate simply how filthy these things can grow to be.
You are able to do so much. However there are limits.
As is so typically the case, we’ve discovered there are three primary levels to window air conditioner upkeep:
The essential stuff that each air conditioner owner must do;
More advanced and aggressive steps you can take if your fingers are feeling nimble and also you need to essentially take cost of this appliance;
Stuff we wouldn’t even know how you can strive. That is when it’s often time to carry in the professionals.

The fundamental stuff: Filters

The first place you’ll find enormous amounts of collected mud and dirt is within the unit’s filter. On most models, you simply pop open the front grille and it’s proper there; it’s alleged to be simply accessible. Pull it out and rinse it.
We know this may sound apparent. However it’s such a straightforward activity, we hadn’t bothered to do it the final three summers.

In the front of the unit, you’ll discover the evaporator coil; within the again, the condenser coil. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll find this stuff seem like they’ve been by way of a war.
These delicate vanes of light-gauge aluminum can solely do their jobs if they’re clear and separated. A vacuum cleaner will do a dandy job on the dust and dirt.
To straighten and separate the vanes, you want what’s referred to as a fin comb: an affordable little software that pushes the bent vanes again into place.

More formidable: The insides

If the unit is clean and seems to be in good repair and nonetheless isn’t cooling correctly, it could also be time to cross that boundary between simple cleansing and extra formidable maintenance by removing the outer housing.

Even this isn’t at all times simple, especially on an previous unit: We stripped at the very least one screw trying to do it.

Once the air conditioner’s opened up, you’ll see plenty of dirt and dust, especially across the fan and fan motor. Vacuuming this out can’t harm. Whereas you’re in there, take the opportunity to wash out the drain ports.

If you happen to have a multimeter (otherwise referred to as a volt-ohm meter) useful - and we don’t - you should use this to examine your air conditioner’s thermostat and fan motor. If these items aren’t drawing energy correctly, that may be your downside. The difficulty is, at this point you’re beginning to drift into what we'd call in-over-our-heads territory.

With some window models, particularly newer ones, it’s virtually not possible to even take away the housing. When you do, you’re looking at a complete bunch of electrical and digital elements that really need an expert to diagnose and restore properly.
The trouble is, with window air conditioners selling for as little as a pair hundred bucks, it won’t take too much of a repairman’s time so that you can be paying more to strive to repair an old unit than it could cost to get your self a brand new one. So on the one hand, it’s definitely value a strive to fix it your self if you may. Then again, when it comes time to call a repairman, it’s necessary to seek out one you'll be able to trust after which talk about with him whether repairing the unit is worth the attempt.

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