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How much asparagus do I need for 6 servings?

I have pork tenderloin, potatoes, bread and asparagus.  How much asparagus do I need for a 6 person dinner party?
asked Jan 10, 2014 by Doreen

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2 Answers

about 6 spears per person.  I also make a thin white sauce and hard boiled eggs for the top......you could serve that on the side in little dishes for anyone to top it how they wish.
answered Jan 10, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)
Thank you so much.  I think I will try your recipe.

I made asparagus last night for 3 adults.  I did a 1# bunch and there were left-overs but not a lot.  We are asparagus lovers and I will put the left-over to good use so I would do 1&1/2# for 6 adults.

I used to steam mine but my son showed me how to stir fry it just before eating.  Don't cook it any other way now!!!  Toss generously in olive oil and add a few crushed red peppers.  Fry over med-hi heat in a big skillet shaking and/or turning frequently.  Only takes about 5-8 min.  You can ... or not ... use sauce on top of this method.

Happy eats!  Pork tenderloin and asparagus go fantastic together!!!


answered Jan 10, 2014 by beth s
Thank you so much.  I'm not sure which to try now!  My other side is homemade applesauce and twice baked potatoes.  We are planning my daughter-in-laws baby shower, so it will be a great night.  Thanks again!
If it's 6 women planning a shower (Congrats!), a pound is probably plenty!  I'm just a self-confessed as-per-grass pig!
This one also is good, that's the way my son-in-law does it when he comes to visit.  You can still cook it this way and do sauce & chopped eggs on the side.  Everything sounds good.  And any leftovers can be frozen in Vacpac in small serving sizes.  Happy baby shower.

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