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recipe for creamed tomatoes combined with eggs

recipe for creamed tomatoes combined with eggs, the dish my auntys made was like scambled eggs,tomatoes ,cheese served on toast
asked Jan 7, 2014 by Garnet

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1 Answer

My Dad made this often for us kids, he used to slice onion in a frying pan first in a little oil and water, then slice the tomatoes into it.   Meanwhile he scrambled the eggs - at least one each for us with a fork in a bowl, added some cream as much or as little as he had, a pinch of salt, and then added it to the onion and tomato.  He let it simmer a short time, sometimes he would turn the mass over as it cooked, or you could sprinke the cheese on top and put under the griller until the cheese was melted.  Otherwise put grated cheese in with the eggs before adding.  it is important to have the eggs slightly underdone in the pan as the residual heat will continue cooking it as you take it to the table and serve.
answered Jan 9, 2014 by Aussie cook

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