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What grain is used for semolina flour?

I am new to the idea of grinding my own flour, so please forgive my ignorance.  I want to make semolina to use for pasta but do not know what grain is used to make it, or if it is possible to make it at home.
asked Jan 2, 2014 by Jess

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1 Answer

IN USA semolina is coarse grain, can be made from rice, corn or wheat.  Other countries may call it something else.  You need a special machine to do that process.  Good luck, we only like Aldi's flour, I use it for everything.  We keep it in the freezer in plastic bags.  Never had a problem.  It does not freeze.  It just stays at 0 degrees.  I used King Arthur too heavy for me.  I also like Gold Metal all purpose.  I personally don't know of anyone making their own flour but it is possible with the right equipment.  You might find a place that would have it freshly made like a health food store.  Making pasta can be done right on your own table with a pastry cloth or on a floured wooden board.....you can make it as thin or thick as you want.  They do have equipment that goes on kitchen aide to make your own pasta.  Make sure to flour it well, nothing like home made noodles.  There is one recipe that I have submitted under noodles on the recipe link above.  Try it and see how you like it....I am sure that you also could chop some cooked strained spinach and add a little to it after straining the juice...........
answered Jan 2, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)

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