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What is better margarine or butter for your health?

I have always wondered which is better for your health: margarine or butter?
asked Sep 8, 2013 by poodle (200 points)

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3 Answers

A lot of butter is not good for you.  So just a dap of it.......Margarine is full or chemicals that I can't pronounce.  We use a little of butter.  When you look at the same amount of each....it is the same calorie.  It depends on which one you feel is okay for your system.  Margarine contains trans fats which are going to be banned soon.  Then they have to use another fat.
answered Sep 10, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)
I forgot to mention that we use unsalted butter.
It depends on the person eating it.  People who have high cholesterol issues should avoid butter which is high in cholesterol.  People who want to cut calories go for the light versions of margarine.     None of them are really "good" for you to over indulge in but that's true of a lot of things.  Butter is more natural than margarine, so that's a plus for some people.
answered Sep 11, 2013 by nan (1,300 points)
It depends on the person mostly.  I do not eat butter because I have an intolerance to it as well as milk.  Margarine has less cholesterol, but I use very little of it on a roll.  Butter does better in baked foods, but I then use the unsalted European type.
answered Sep 11, 2013 by anonymous

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