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How long should I cook side by side turkeys in oven?

I will be cooking two turkeys approximate weight @ 12.5lbs. No stuffing inside cavity. Electric oven that can roast and also convection.

Do i need to add cooking time to the 20/25 per pound?
asked Nov 26, 2013 by G-Ma

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1 Answer

temps 325.................this will take longer to cook..............1 turkey 12 lb takes 3 to 1/2 hours.............start with the breast down and turn them over half way...........every site says the same temps but you will need to keep checking and when the leg joint area is running clear juices it is done..........if pink or red is not cooked yet.  You might need to foil tent the beast when you turn it over.
answered Nov 28, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)

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