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Thawing time for 15 lb. turkey

Thawing time for 15 lb. turkey
asked Nov 23, 2013 by anonymous

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3 Answers

Everything I look at is saying 3 days....but if your clean your sink out good with baking soda..........rinsed well, I just run the cold water and put the turkey in.............keep trying to get the frozen bag out............keep changing the water every 30 minutes and that will defrost much faster.  Once it is defrosted put it back on a platter incase it leaks....
answered Nov 23, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)
4 days in the refrigerator
answered Nov 24, 2013 by anonymous

I am a 71 year old Vietnam Veteran and I love turkey . I can not try and figure out in my lifetime , how many turkeys I have eaten .

I buy all the turkeys I can , just before thanksgiving . Up to 25 lbs of a little less . I have two freezers so I can do this . When I want a turkey .I take it out of the freezer and unwrap it . I have  5 gallon plastic bucket that will hold a 25 lbs bird . I put the bird into the bucket and cover him with salted water .I use like , a quarter of a box of sea salt . I just pour it in over the top of the bird and let it sit over night .the next day it is thawed out . Make sure that you put the bucket in your tub or sink .The bucket will sweat from the water being so cold . You don't want a puddle of water on your floor . I have thawed out turkeys this way for 50 years and it does not effect the taste of the turkey or make it tough . I take the thawed out bird and remove the stuff from inside and dry him out . Then I cover the whole bird with sea salt inside and out . Not a lot inside. Turn him upside down (breast side down) and put him into a 400 degree oven on a greased grate in a turkey pan . I cook him that way until the skin is dark brown or too your taste . I like crispy skin . Then when that is done .Turn him over and cook him the rest of the way at 375 until he is done.  He always comes out juicy and tender . I never cover the turkey while cooking .It is a waste of time and money for Tin foil . For the first time , get a turkey with a pop up timer and you will never go wrong this way.
answered Jul 3, 2014 by wnight1 (800 points)

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