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i want to learn how to prepare braised rice

please could you help me with the ingredient and recipe of Braised Rice?



asked Nov 11, 2013 by Susan

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2 Answers

First wash rice twice from clean water. Put rice in to a pot that has enough space to cook because you are getting nearly double quantity of cooked rice. Add water up to your middle finger first legement touching rice from your finger tips. Add little salt probably one table spoon full for five cups of raw rice. Cook in high heat for a while covering the pot  from a lid and when water has come to level with rice cook in low heat till you hear faint sounds of burning in side the pot. Put off fire and stir rice wtth a lean stick and cover the pot from the lid.
answered Nov 20, 2013 by Pujitha Ranawake (2,420 points)
long grain rice

mill pepper

butter or oil


white stock
answered Nov 25, 2013 by faith loise

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