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How long can you freeze cooked vegetables?

I need to cook ahead for a big thanksgiving dinner.  Need to know if I can freed sweet potatoes, dressing, mac & cheese, turnip greens etc.  (all cooked and prepared).
asked Nov 4, 2014 by Norma J. Ochoa

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1 Answer

Yes you can freeze that.........best kept at zero degrees and defrost in fridge...............If you have a vac machine that gets all the air out.........mark date & freeze............if you don't have a vac use heavy duty freezer bags and get all the air out, date, mark & freeze.  Happy Thanksgiving Prep.....if you make you own cranberry sauce & it freezes well in plastic container, just burp them to get the air out.  if you have turkey left over you can cut it into serving sizes add a little gravy and freeze that same as above.  Be sure that everything has cooled down you can put them in your fridge to be cold when they go into the freezer...........spread them out so that they freeze quickly.
answered Nov 4, 2014 by josie (51,120 points)

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