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I need an easy recipe to make tasty noodles

please teach me to make tasty noodles.
asked Nov 2, 2013 by shiksha khanal

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1 Answer

1 cup flour Plus some flour for rolling dough

1/2 teasp fine sea salt

2 large eggs

put flour and salt in shallow bowl, in another container break eggs, check for shells and beat the egg.  Make a well in the flour & salt mixed together and put the beaten eggs in the well.  Start to mix a little flour in with the eggs....keep mixing in a little at a time until almost mixed.....then on a floured board.....put the sticky mix on the flour that is spread out on the board....any extra flour in the bowl that you could not mix....put that on the ball and keep kneading it until it is well mixed.....let is sit for 1/2 hour...........then cut it in half....work on 1/2 at a time...........use a rolling pin...flour it......and start to roll it out turning the board to spread it thin a little at a time on all sides.......about 1/4 to very thin......use a pizza cutter and cut them as thin or as thick as you want them.  You can let they lay on the side as you work on the 2nd one......let them sit until you are going to use them for dinner.  Get a large pot of salted water boiling.  Put the noodles in the boiling water and NO LID........cook them until they are tender for you. Be careful drain them in a strainer and put them in a big bowl and butter them, some chopped parsley and some caraway seeds...about 1 teasp......serve hot.
answered Nov 3, 2013 by josie (51,120 points)

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